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Protein Intolerance -  III

Naturally the worship of Hathor in the form of the Golden Calf at Mt Ciynay displeased both Him and Yahuw’ah. She is nothing but trouble. For her to keep producing milk her calves must be slaughtered.

The Lamb-Man knows her milk is unsuitable for human consumption and is fully aware of the damage it does to human health when consumed over long periods of time.

In generational terms her milk products result in genetic mutations and diseases being handed down in ever more complex forms. Not surprisingly she is banned on planet Eden, as are gluten wheat and soy proteins.


Instead of dairy cow cheese the present writer now enjoys sheep and goat milk cheeses and does not miss the former. Weis Frozen Foods of Toowoomba QLD now manufacture a dark chocolate and one with coconut ice confection as part of its Sorbet Exotics range. Eskal gluten and dairy free ice cream cones made in Israel can be packed with this ice confection and enjoyed like any dairy ice cream in a cone. Both contain e322 soy lecithin, an emulsifier, but with no protein. So they are safe except for those with nut and seed allergies.

Breakfast is great with Sanitarium gluten-free Weetbix made from sorghum in a dedicated plant, chopped up brazil nuts, dried sultanas, a table spoon of virgin coconut oil (good for memory), some cacao powder, plus a banana with almond and coconut milk poured over the lot. His body likes this.

Gluten, dairy and soy-free bread, flours, bread and cake mixes are available in stores. The Orgran brand is a great food resource for flour, pasta and pancakes. With a wife who knows how to cook like a chef he is truly spoiled. So there is life after giving up the pernicious proteins.

As indicated by Dr. John Symes, these proteins intensify the experience of pain, enabling him to give up taking pain-killers with their harmful side effects. Today he takes no medications.

What else is there to say? If people want to enjoy the ‘good life’, then by all means let them. When disease symptoms start to manifest, however, perhaps a reassessment might be advisable, although it might be too late.

A celiac and lactose intolerant person is probably going to be healthier because he or she is not stressing out their bowels and immune system. They are truly the lucky ones. Any gluten vaccine, however, will only increase the incidence of disease over time. Like dairy cow casein it will invariably result in some kind of prescribed medicinal poison to extend life.

Food Production On Eden

He is also planning to add fermented cabbage (sauerkraut with probiotics) to his diet. Each home on Eden sits on four acres of land (88 yd x 220 yd), enabling fruit and vegetables to be grown year round for personal and community use. Preserves and fermentation will enable the harvest to last longer. Cool rooms and freezers in homes will also help extend their life.

A live aerial photograph is what is needed here and will replace this when available.

Once migration begins, the settlement of Sterling will be looking for organic farmers, fruit growers, fishermen, butchers, gardeners and artisans with expertise in creating a sustainable and healthy food industry. In order to keep contamination to a minimum, though, everything grown will be native to Eden, which is the size of planet Earth. Genetic modifications will be prohibited. Why mess up paradise?

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