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Yeshuwa At Netserah (Nazareth) -  II

On this page readers will be able to examine this FIMIOL photograph in much greater detail. While He is deliberately displaying his genitals (willy), this is to show what a circumcised penis looks like, setting the standard for all other males to follow.

Yet when other features are discerned like folded arms, knees and feet and even genitals, then one feels compelled to draw in as many lines as possible, even down to finger nails and the tiny cuticles at their base. The close ups seem to follow discernible lines on the Nazareth landscape in considerable detail.

The lines below reveals Yeshuwa’s full foreskin removal. No man may claim His as their own. Furthermore He does not mind His body being looked at and examined closely. Thomas Didymus was encouraged to do so.

He wants to make it clear that He lived as a human being among men and came to Earth with a mission to bring as many as possible from the House of Yisra’el to His Father Yahuw’ah in Eternal Glory. For all men it is an opportunity not to miss.