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Expressions Of Interest -  III [3 of 8]

Different energies apply there, not unlike those related to the Tree of Life. Decay is very slow, like what happened during the Exodus (Deuteronomy 8:4 and 29:5). Ezekiel 44:19, 46:20 and 47:12 give further clues. Keeping up with the latest fashion is not important.

Each settlement is run by elders chosen for their wisdom and abilities. So it will be of little interest to politicians, journalists and sex workers.

An elder may be an experienced male or female artisan who can mentor the young in their craft. Senior elders with years of collective knowledge and experience will act as advisors to keep the community on an even keel and rein in behavioural excesses.

Among other duties they serve as moderators ensuring that everyone can think for themselves. Each person is entitled to have and express an opinion. How it is received depends upon its merits.

Neither police officers, lawyers nor courts exist to deal with offenders. Without money, private motor vehicles, guns, addictive drugs, alcohol and unemployment, the opportunities to offend will be almost non-existence.

All kinds of work done by males and females receive the same remuneration in the form of merit points. These cannot be stolen. Goods removed are returned, if need be at the thief’s expense. Nor can IRVs be commandeered, since these require specialist training to operate. Electric-powered utility vehicles may be a temptation, although their speeds tend to be slow.

Nonetheless having trained personnel to help draw the line of acceptable behaviour cannot be ruled out. Basically they would serve as peace-makers and have the tools to establish a presence quickly. Elsewhere they will have meaningful employment. Children will learn to understand good behaviour.

Clashes between passionate egos will result in the parties being separated and given more satisfying duties. Spouses, too, may need to give each other a short break, just not too long. Feminists and chauvinists are not welcome.

Bullying is out. No one may take away the innocence of children. Those who harass members of the opposite gender will be exposed. Charmers need not apply. Same gender sexual encounters are banned and will be investigated further if reported. Purging will occur.

While prisons do not exist on Atar, the Creators reserve the right to deal with such behaviour as They see fit (see Leviticus 10 and Numbers 16). If in doubt, do not apply. Under the circumstances it is best to remain on Earth.

With no banking industry and well-built houses provided free for life, real estate agents, insurers, bankers and accountants need not apply.

No army, navy or air force will ever be established on Atar. Yeshuwa and Yahuw’ah provide all the safety required. God has no presence there to create strife. Nor do snakes exist except as worms (Isaiah 65:25). Earth belongs to the Serpents and Dragon, for it is a decoy planet. Righteousness dwells on this new Earth under a different sky.

Which Positions Are Available?

As rulers the Creators want a peaceful and homogeneous society. Yahuw’ah is El Shadday, which means “El Sufficient Provider” and not Almighty God. Understand that He is holy and to be feared, yet loved (Deuteronomy 10:12-13). Following His will tends to lead to a blessed life. Dispute it and the consequences are frightening. Egos need to be kept in check and tongues bitten where necessary.

Yeshuwa the Lamb-Man is El Elyown and this means “El Most High.” He is Wonderful, better than the invented Jesus of Nazareth, since He created four universes, is highly inventive and such a great Teacher. Unlike the mythical Jesus, He grew up as the anointed Messiah-to-be of the non-Essene Qumran Scrolls community in the Galilee, headed by his adoptive father Yowceph ben Elim of Sepphoris and later younger brother Ya’aqob.

These two perspectives in a way define what skills are wanted on Atar.

Food Processing

It will welcome primary producers skilled in horticulture such as vegetable gardeners, orchard and grape growers, shepherds, egg producers and cultivators of the soil.

Warning! No seeds, plants or botanical material may be brought from Earth to Atar. Each person is processed upon arrival and there are strict conditions for entry. These will be confiscated and destroyed. Contamination from here must be kept to a minimum to safeguard Atar’s eco-systems.

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For forty years during their wilderness wanderings the Yisra’elites drank neither wine nor strong drink, “so that you might know that I AM Yahuw’ah your Eluhiym” (Deuteronomy 29:5-6).

Falling in love with beer, wine and spirits is another reason why so many religious people on Earth miss out on Glory. Being affected by alcohol prevents one from knowing Yahuw’ah.

Why is it that Christian churches promote such industries, yet refuse to acknowledge their Creator Yahuw’ah and Yeshuwa the Anointed?