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Expressions Of Interest -  VIII [8 of 8]

As of July 2018 the present writer has no knowledge of what has already been or is to be arranged.

Please respect the process. The move is going to take place, regardless of whatever one believes, just like the original Exodus in 1603 BCE and the destruction of Yeruwshalem in 587/6 BCE. Those who fled the Hyksos pharaoh were given ten days’ notice (Exodus 12).

In the meantime become familiar with the contents of both websites and try to establish a spiritual connection with Yeshuwa, who is the Way to the Father after He has first sent the believer to Him (John 6:37,44-45). Here the Spirit of Truth’s involvement is unnecessary. Yahuw’ah has it all under His control.

Ultimately the exalted Yeshuwa has the final say as to who comes and He is the judge of all men (Genesis 18:25), not an advocate as 1 John 2:1 falsely states. He is the Lamb-Man with seven eyes and seven horns on His head, skin like white wool and a sword proceeding out of His mouth. And He is Wonderful (Judges 13:18).

Beware of scammers purporting to represent FIMIOL Photographics and charging fees for services. Your financial affairs are of no interest to this author or business. Yahuw’ah provides.

What May Be Asked For On The Form When Prepared?

Privacy laws exist in various countries to protect the integrity of personal details. These will be followed. Financial details will never be sought.

Young families are invited to apply. Names of parents and children, dates and times of birth and their localities, areas of interest and relationship status for couples and singles will probably be asked for. Have those ready.

Early middle-aged parents with appropriate skills and unattached older sons and daughters may be considered. There is an age limit due to Atar’s installation date around zeta TrA in 1947 with births preferably after 1957.

Using highly advanced technology the selection process may observe the family at home, in addition to conducting interviews. This is why providing the correct address is vital.

Advanced notice will be given, allowing time to finalise one’s affairs before relocation is arranged. If from Atar, then it will sound like a voice out of the blue and probably quite surreal (John 3:8). Do not be afraid.

Please ensure that there are no financial or legal obligations which might prevent one from leaving. Some personal items are permitted, but will be subject to negotiation.

Good will is expected all round. Relocation is an enormous undertaking and should be thought about long and hard. No one from Earth is going to come and bring one back. Most likely one will not have a home to return to, yet on Atar there is a home for life. It is non-transferable, though, and cannot be sold. For more details download the Plan Of Sterling PDF.

Departure is a little like the proverbial rapture in its quickness. However, it is organised. Timing depends upon line of sight between the two planets. Each point of departure will be examined for safety before arrival. If there is a perceived threat, then other arrangements may be made.

Those remaining behind know that one is leaving and there will undoubtedly be tears with the final goodbyes. The local press and others might even witness it. One will also be able to let them know that one has safely arrived on Atar. Other future contact is possible.

If there is anything further to add, then it will be done here.

Tuesday, July 3, 2018.