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Bringing (de-sexed) family pets is still under consideration. Remember what British colonial settlers brought out to Australia? Simple things like Oxalis (sour sobs with yellow flowers), Paterson’s Curse, rabbits, foxes, cats, rats and mice, a host of diseases, sugar, tobacco, rum, guns, chains and petty criminals, leaving the worst behind. And they were intact!

Dairy cow, gluten cereal, soya bean and sugar cane industries will not be permitted. Instead farmed sheep and goat meat, milk and cheese, poultry, fruit, vegetables, legumes, herbs and spices form a major part of the diet.

Tropical fruits are grown, including coconuts and bananas, but not limited to these. There everyone will eat and be satisfied.

On the killing and consumption of meat Yahuw’ah specifically created animals on Earth to be sacrificed for food. He implanted within them the instinct that they may become food for others, whether animal or human. Animal souls only have a short existence after death. Vegetarian and vegan diets have no place on Atar and neither does any belief in reincarnation.

Fermented cabbage and other vegetables (probiotics) will be a regular food staple to ensure immune systems remain strong as well as keep the small and large intestines, liver and pancreas healthy. Prebiotics such as fibre will also feature in diets. So those with expertise in this area will be welcome.

Food processing, then, has many opportunities, not just with the abundance of produce from the land, but also the sea. Wild fish are another staple and may be eaten freshly cooked, preserved or even raw. Fishermen will go in amazing craft to where the fish are and not be limited to their local area.

The catches have to be processed, scaled, filleted, smoked and stored. Sports fishing is not permitted. Catching some species, though, is sport enough. Local shops will need butchers and fishmongers to make their cuts available for customers. Bakers and millers are required as well.

Health and Welfare

This is not a prescribed-pill nor needle-injection society, but one where stress is managed through down time and exercise.

With no need to pay utility bills, mortgages, insurance premiums, rent, loans, government fees and taxes, economic stress will simply not exist.

Family stress will therefore be easier to manage. Spouses may only have eyes for each other, although they can talk to and work with others of the opposite gender. Jealousy is a good emotion, not a prison guard, and needs to be balanced with tolerance and understanding.

Healing centres will tend to those feeling depressed, in pain or unwell. Lack of a sense of meaning and direction in life can drag one into the black hole. Missing friends and relatives back on Earth might be another cause.

On Atar meaning is found in the way everything comes together and has purpose. No matter how mundane life may be at times, there is nowhere else where one would rather be.

Most can expect to live to a hundred years and beyond. Mosheh died at 120 years, yet his eyes were not dim and his vigour had not left him and he was told to die on the very mountain he climbed (Deuteronomy 32:50, 33:7)

Cancer will be removed without surgery if and when it manifests. Human beings as male and female were created to be souls first. From these their bodies were formed. The soul is treated on Atar, although the body is given first priority with physical injuries.

Where the focus is only on the body, the soul becomes a nebulous entity and what is often easily fixed turns out to be less than satisfactory and costly.

Atar’s healers also have the technology to see inside any part of the body without the need for radiation. Dental specialists use advanced technology to repair and protect teeth. Earth’s counterparts will be of little use there.

The Niphla’iym have been builders for millennia. So their healers know how to deal with accidents and injuries whenever they happen. Vaccines will be unnecessary (see Deuteronomy 28:58-61).

These people have been in existence longer than the human race on Earth and excel at their craft. Also, as a society which practices circumcision, they are naturally peaceful and non violent. There is no threat to bring about retaliation.

Those who can manage the physically challenged or sick and need help with mobility will find rewarding work with these fine healers.

This said, let no one think that such healing centres are emergency departments for the very sick on Earth. Those migrating there will be dealt with first on a needs basis. However, calling upon Yahuw’ah may see mercy shown. Under the circumstances a short trip to Atar cannot be ruled out.

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What happened to the 120 to 160 gallons of water turned into wine at the wedding feast at Cana (John 2:1-11)?

Did the guests binge drink the lot because it tasted and felt so good?

Verse 11 says this was “the beginning of His signs.” The narrative has another message.

Joel 3:18 speaks of the mountains dripping with sweet wine and the hills flowing with milk on the day of Yahuw’ah.”

After each of the guests had tasted this wine as a salute to Yeshuwa, the rest was poured out onto the ground to run down the nearby slopes. If this never happened, then He was clearly not the Anointed.

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