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Expressions Of Interest -  I [1 of 8]

With the time approaching to complete writing articles for this website and FIMIOL.COM, registering expressions of interest is a next step. The following pages provide a broad overview of what is involved.

Observe from the start that it is not first-in, best-dressed or try-before-you-buy. Letters of approval are given only to those who qualify. Atar is not a holiday destination run by travel agents on Earth. The move is permanent. Ties are cut. Here the application process will be handled by an appropriate agency and the present writer now understands he will not be involved.

What To Consider Before Applying

When migrating to another planet applicants have much to consider. Apart from all the pre-conditions, affairs must be finalised on Earth. At the start of the biblical Exodus the Yisra’elites simply got up, gathered whatever they could and left on foot or with a wagon and beast of burden.

Horses and chariots were introduced to Mitsrayim by the Hyksos pharaohs, so wagons and carts cannot be ruled out.

This move is quite different, though. In the absence of legislation dealing with such matters, one would have to treat leaving here the same as if one has died and left a legal will. Of course, one also has to say goodbye.

The executor of one’s last will and testament would then finalise it, even though one is going to live on another planet. Returning is not an option.

Atar is more than just another country or planet. Think of it as a stepping stone to Heaven. Just as most who live and die on Earth miss out on Glory (over 99.9%), often due to non-circumcision and reeligion, by contrast very few are rejected there, since it appears to fulfil the promise made to Abram in Genesis 12:3.

Its society is free of religious and scientific cults. Morality is set by the Jewels in the Crown, not religious authorities, the world media or university-trained intellectuals who have little understanding of circumcision. It is wise advice never to trust an intact man or his daughters, since their thinking tends to be suspect.

When one ignores the Creators not taught by religion and science, then the Other Side is going to fill people’s heads with all sorts of appealing rubbish.

Males must be circumcised with full foreskin removal and mothers accept that the best time for their baby boy to have the kindest cut of all is one week after birth (Genesis 17:12). Trained professionals at Healing Centres will carry out the procedure on new born boys, but never girls.

Nations and cultures which do not circumcise or ban it tend to be aggressive towards others and make very stupid decisions. Of course, the more intact males there are, the smaller the number of applicants. So they are doing the selectors a favour, just not themselves. No intact male ever goes to Glory.

Furthermore only opposite gender unions will be tolerated within the confines of the Genesis 2 cleaving ceremony and oneflesh union. Each will consist of one naturally-born male and female performing the same sex. No alternative is permitted, including bestiality, bigamy, polygamy and homosexual behaviour.

On Atar one will learn how to seek the Presence of Yahuw’ah and Yeshuwa in “the Kingdom of the Heavens” and experience this first hand, especially once the House of Presence is built at Sterling on the other side of the river.

Baptism into the names of Yahuw’ah, Yeshuwa and Yahbeth will be carried out by adult males and involve pouring water only over the forehead while standing in a local stream. It may be done during infancy with the baby held by its parent. Intellectual assent is unnecessary, as it is with circumcision after birth. Together both of these make possible spiritual access to Heaven.

However, John 6’s eating the flesh and drinking the blood of the Lord does require understanding. Its purpose is to provide direct access to Yeshuwa the Lamb-Man in Heavenly glory. Women may officiate at this sacred meal.

The writings of Paul in his epistles, his influence in Luke-Acts, Hebrews, First Peter, Jude and the Epistles of John will have no authority on Atar. Worship of Jesus Christ and Charles Darwin including any invisible God or entity are forbidden. No “Oh my God”, “by God” or OMGs up there.

Who May Not Apply?

Those with plans to convert others to an ideology, religious faith or exclusive group need not apply. Atar’s moral and social framework is already in place. It has an egalitarian society where service is the key to contentment and is run by the Creator Eluhiym Themselves.

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In the promotion of marriage equality there is a lot of talk about same-sex marriage.

Sex is not the same as gender. Naturally-born males have a penis designed to penetrate the vagina of a naturally-born female in the union once called Oneflesh.

Only heterosexual couples may claim the term same sex, for this is how it is done all over the world.

Same gender males usually have a penis and anus for coitus, while females penetrate each other’s vagina with whatever is available.

As homosexuals they logically perform different sex, each their own way.