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After all, most sicknesses are the result of following science and religion if one is to correctly understand Exodus 20:5, Deuteronomy 7:15 and Psalm 103:1-5. When medicine bases its cures upon poisons, expect the brain to be affected as well. A long history of this already exists.

Resolving issues such as excessive weight or eating disorders are dealt with through diet, counselling and exercise. Fermented sauerkraut helps with weight loss, as does eating raw lemons, both rind and flesh.

Fertility can be switched on and off without man-made oestrogen. This area of expertise belongs to Yahuw’ah as man’s Creator. Atar needs a growing population and every woman can be a mother to healthy children who have plenty of room in which to safely play and learn.

Childbirth tends to be successful. “We haven’t lost a baby yet,” Yeshuwa insists. There are no poor children on Atar.

Schools and Education

Both the young and middle aged require an education and here teachers will give instruction in mathematics, reading and writing. Information also has to be gleaned and text books written. Graphic designers, skilled writers and publishers will be in demand, as will certain computer programmers.

Paleontologists will find nothing to excite them. Atar has no dinosaur fossils. It is a young physical planet within a physical solar system. It has topography and weather, just no mountains or ski slopes for winter snow. Geographers and oceanographers may be needed along with astronomers, bearing in mind the planet has no artificial satellites.

It is important to understand that a university or tertiary education is not necessary to qualify for a placement, although in certain areas it will be a great help. Tertiary institutions tend to limit freedom of thought.

The Niphla’iym instead are looking for people with common sense, feet planted firmly on the ground and who can think for themselves.

Establishing a cultural heritage is important for any new settlement, since it creates identity. Musicians, instrument makers, singers and artists will work alongside them to bring this about. Local historians will record the narrative of each settlement.

Domestic And Public Employment

Mothers will be encouraged to volunteer and be paid merit points wherever they can find meaningful things to do outside the home. Home duties and raising children are considered employment just the same as working outside or away from home. If need be, they may ask for help around the home. Older children will find plenty to do and may even be paid merit points.

Barbers and hairdressers will naturally be in demand. Tattoos, however, are banned (Leviticus 19:28). Human skin is not meant to be an artist’s canvas.

With no retirement age one can continue working for as long as one wants. After all, government pensions for the elderly do not exist. However, a life of service to the community will acquire enough merit points to enjoy a good retirement (superannuation without a monetary value). The goal as always is to keep people well and healthy. This cost is born by the community.


Shoe and clothing industries will be developed over time. At the moment these are imported from the mother planet. Enterprising men and women will be able to establish their own non-profit businesses to fill such needs. Dress codes tend to be moderate, so as not to cause offence.

Rather than profit being the motivator, greater emphasis is put on quality of workmanship. It is better to stand by one’s creation and say, “This is what I designed and made with my work family.” Job satisfaction is crucial. Yet if one wants to move on and try something else, then that is okay.

Jewellers will be kept busy with their craft. The Creators like jewellery. Gemstones of many kinds are there to be mined, meaning prospectors will have fun looking for them, since equipment lets them see where the pockets are in the ground before digging. Most will be available for purchase.

There are no fossil fuels. IRVs will be manufactured along with devices which fold the fabric of space and time. So will electric-powered utility vehicles which service the local area. Electronic engineers, fabricators, welders, painters and finishers will be needed too.

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