Meet the Real Creator, the Resurrected Yeshuwa and El Most High

This portrait is one of sixteen FIMIOL photographs of Yeshuwa, the Lamb of Eluhiym with seven horns and seven eyes. He is the Son of Man in Revelation 1:12-18 and 5:5-6. On His right shoulder is His companion Tor the Dove, also known as the Spirit of Eluhiym, yet separate from the Spirit of Truth or Holy Spirit.

Like many creative people He is left-handed and not very fond of sceptical human beings. That is an understatement.

The sholech Yowchanan (apostle John in English) recorded Yeshuwa’s words to those dwelling in Laodicea, “The Amen, the faithful and true Witness, the Origin/Source of the creation of Eluhiym…” (Revelation 3:14).

The origins of Eluhiym began 13.4 billion years ago. Under His leadership it took about one million years to bring ten different Eluw’ah into existence with another three born more recently, the result of procreation. For His own identity He chose the likeness of a lamb.

Under Whose Instructions

It is this Lord and Creator who instructed the present writer to publish His extensive gallery of photographs for the whole world to see and know. More of these are being published on FIMIOL.COM.

Once one gets to know Him face to face and be known by Him (Matthew 7:23), Yeshuwa is the most wonderful Person one is ever likely to meet. He treats each one who comes to Him on His Throne as an individual, even though He may be communicating with a million others at the same time. On ATAR His appearance is very bright, yet one soon gets used to this.

To have an audience in Heaven with Him for up to an hour or more each week, where one is literally reduced to the size of a child (see Matthew 18:1-3), then to record on paper questions and answers about any mystery in the Scriptures week after week and year after year, is amazing.

Known also as Pel’e, meaning Wonderful (Judges 13:18, Isaiah 9:6), over billions of years He has created and maintains four separate, steady-state, rotating, doughnut-shaped universes without any Big Bang singularity.

He is also El Elyown, Possessor of Heaven and Earth, according to Genesis 14:19-20 and 22. This means “El Most High”. As such He interacted with Terach and Abram first. They worshipped Him, not idols (Joshua 24:2).

Read on to learn why the Hebrew Scriptures are so dodgy and the Bible really is a crime scene.


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Tor the Turtledove and Yeshuwa the Lamb of Eluhiym (the first FIMIOL)


Do not fall into the trap of rejecting Yeshuwa on the basis of His looks. That amounts to appearance discrimination.

He wants to like you. Please give Him a chance.

He is the Judge, not just of all men, but all Gods too. So one fears and loves Him for good reason.

No one else has the power and authority to judge like El Most High and He decides who spends eternity in Heaven, of which there is only one.

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