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Electricity from solar energy and a nuclear fusion plant twenty miles north of Sterling is Atar’s main source of energy.

A boat building industry is important for the community and one exists to the north as well. The planet has so many occupations to keep artisans busy.

Domestic Waste

Next are those who remove waste matter and recycle it as fertiliser, be it from farms, schools, factories, homes and shops.

Underneath each settlement is a network of pipes which are fed from reservoirs in the Lakes District. Human waste is treated on each property and rendered odourless. Sewage ponds do not exist.

Grey water is filtered before use in the garden. Some of the flower gardens now growing are exquisitely beautiful. The Niphla’iym are horticultural experts.

Street roads are sealed to prevent erosion and allow water to run off on to nearby gardens. Walking and running is encouraged to improve fitness and, of course, children are bound to play on them. However, processions and parades are organised to celebrate special dates. Electric-powered utility vehicles also use local streets, as well as pull floats and trailers.


Remote locations where one can relax, enjoy the surroundings and engage in fun activities will have bed-and-breakfast type facilities with chefs, waiters and cleaners. These services are paid for with merit points.

Local restaurants and cafes also require staff and can be run like non-profit businesses. Nonetheless bear in mind that food preparation technology is highly advanced and there are no wine lists. So how does one relax with a drink?

So Much To Learn

Now the Niphla’iym already perform these functions. They are happy to share their knowledge and delegate many duties and responsibilities to the human population migrating from Earth.

Other settlements have to be established for a growing population. High density housing and skyscrapers are not envisaged. There is an abundance of arable land, even in the centre of continents. Droughts never occur.

Skin colour is not an issue. While a form of English is spoken on Atar, the Niphla’iym speak Hebrew the language of Heaven. Migrants will learn this too. Over time they will become bi-lingual and classes will be held with this in mind.

Atar is mainly looking for young couples with children and middle aged parents with work skills. It is a planet for young minds, since they are better equipped mentally to learn how spiritual energies function as part of higher dimensional thinking.

Neither universities, seminaries or the new age movement understand any of this, since they tend to think empirically and these mathematically-based energies are beyond empiricism and imagination.

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Seeing the light of two suns reflected on the sea is quite a sight. The foreshore is raised several feet above the beach.

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