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Architects and engineers from planet Earth will play a major role in the design and erection of this huge structure on land covering over sixteen acres.

Using relocation technology visitors from all over Atar will come and rejoice here. Those within will see Yahuw’ah, Yeshuwa and other Eluhiym sitting in the centre. Such views will be bright and truly awesome.

A lot more on this can be written. Observe how the new Earth texts in Isaiah 65 and 66 make no mention of kings, priests, worship or temple. Yahuw’ah and Yeshuwa are its Kings and one naturally bows before Them.

Compared to the surrounding countryside it will seem like “the holy mountain of Yahuw’ah” when erected. The prophet Y’shayahuw (Isaiah) called the city Yeruwshalem for want of a better name. It means “founded peaceful.” Sterling is the name given by Yeshuwa and it is indeed peaceful.

After Registering An Interest

Expressions of interest will be handled by an Earth-based agency in touch with Atar. Previously the author believed he would involved here, but with so much still to do in the publishing department, he will be pre-occupied elsewhere.

Sterling does have computers, just no Internet and social media platforms. Each house has a built-in television, yet is wired for signals from its parent planet, not Earth. Due to line-of-sight issues viewing time is limited.

Earth’s Internet is ancient technology anyway. Atar, apparently, has better ways of informing people and allowing them to keep in touch.

Yet despite being forty light years away an Internet connection will be set up between FIMIOL Photographics there and its business on Earth, making it possible to use local servers, upload and download files and emails and even make phone calls. However, this is primarily for business use and also has line-of-sight limitations.

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*RA stands for Re’eh Adonay or “friend of the Lord” (John 15:14-16). It is the best qualification.


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One point needs to be made clear. Slavery will never be permitted in any of its forms, either physical, mental or sexual. Individuality is highly prized. Those who apply do so of their own free will. No one can be bought.

The House Of Eluhiym

Building this is a few years away. However, it is not a temple but rather a House of Presence. That described in Ezekiel 40-48 is not what is intended for Atar and is largely symbolic for Earth like many of Yechezqel’s visions.

At its centre-piece will be a full-sized replica of the Throne Room situated within the Temple of Eluhiym in Glory. Images of this appear elsewhere on this website. Below is a FINATS of the Temple and donut-shape universe.

This is a FINATS of the Temple in Glory and based upon the sky map of Ursa Major.