The New Earth Under A Different Sky -  I

Planet Earth was never meant to be humanity’s sole habitation. Since late 2016 another planet called Atar, which belongs to the solar system of a binary star known as zeta TrA, has gradually been revealed to this author.

Searching the Bible made it clear to him that relocation there by faithful believers was and still is a key plank of the Lord’s teaching about the Gospel of the Kingdom. For example, consider “Your kingdom come” in the Lord’s Prayer and “the meek will inherit the Earth” earlier in the Sermon of the Mount. “Sons of THEOS/God” in 5:9 was originally “prophets of  Yahuw’ah.”

Some of His students were, in fact, successfully picked up from Bethany in 65 CE. Two attempts were made. Roman soldiers interrupted both. A library of first-century texts prepared by Yeshuwa and the Twelve, however, did go with them and are safely stored there like the scrolls near Qumran.

The army of Vespasian prevented further attempts after the emperor Nero found out. Those who stayed behind were among the three million Yehuwdiym slain during the war of 66-70.

It is the intention of this and its companion website [] to make Atar’s presence in the Hebrew and Greek Scriptures as plain as possible. The clues are everywhere to be found in the recorded teachings of Yeshuwa and the Twelve, but nowhere in those of the apostle Paul and his companions.

The writings of John Mark and Luke, the epistles of Paul, Hebrews and the pseudepigraphic First Peter and Jude, and now the Epistles of John, take up a lot of space in the so-called New Testament canon. Traditionally, yet without authority, they have been used to interpret the Lord’s teachings

Except on the odd occasion none of these sat at the feet of Yeshuwa haMashiach and appear to teach a very different gospel, lord and creator. Here they not only diluted the Scriptures, but polluted them as well. Observe how the author of Hebrews struggles with Abraham in 11:8-16. He has no idea, so writes rubbish.

Only the two Gospels of Matthew and John, the genuine Second Peter and Revelation know about this. Read 2 Peter 3:14 for a direct reference to the new Earth of Isaiah 65-66.

Mattithyahuw (Matthew), Shimon Kephar (Simon Peter) and Yohannan (John) spent three full years at His feet and were privy to some rather amazing knowledge. Some has been preserved in their texts stored on Atar.

To set the scene, here is the present writer’s own artistic rendering of Fimiol Way in Sterling, a mile-long (1.6 km) stretch of sealed road down to the sea. Observe the binary suns in the west. Trees and shrubs are present, yet not shown.

Who Is Doing The Construction?

At the time of editing over fifty now weekly visits to the settlement of Sterling have been made, mostly for the purpose of learning about living conditions there and mapping what the Niphla’iym (pron. nif-la-eem) have been building for the past seventeen years. In Genesis 6:4 they are falsely called Nephilim. The author of the Book of Enoch had no idea. Anyway, his name was Chanowk.

The original word came from the Niphal form of pala (pe-lamedh-aleph), a verb meaning “be surpassing, extraordinary” (BDB-810). They are Yahuw’ah’s chosen builders, very human but tall, who built the first cities during Adam’s lifetime as well as those in Kena’an for the refugees from Mitsrayim (Egypt).

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The main road to the beach at the settlement being built for human occupation at Sterling on Eden. The two storey houses were drawn using the NCH software Dream Plan Plus.






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