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Setting Up Research Facilities

Once one gets beyond the shock of seeing the unthinkable and even impossible, these web pages and their e-Books then become a source of new insights into the creation of life and the universe as well as the Creators themselves. Imagination gives way to facts. Myths and legends lose their appeal to historical realities.

Over the past two decades the present writer has been privileged to be a pioneering researcher in many fields.

Among the many areas he has delved into are:-

His goal is to continue this research in premises already built at Sterling on Atar, where some of the most amazing knowledge and gadgets will be developed and disseminated. Under development will be:-

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Is it possible to access the world wide web via Wi-Fi or receive a television signal on Eden over 53 light years from Earth?

Can frequency waves pass through the folded space-time fabric and devices receive and display them?

Theoretically all one would need are two FCUs -  one by the aerial or Wi-Fi modem and the other by the television receiver or computer.