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Signs Of Coming Events

Those wonders referred to were natural events which manifested in extreme ways. Most of them the Mitsriym (Egyptians) had experienced before. Yet to Mosheh and Aharon the signs were indications of the hand of El Elyown (“I make happen what I make happen”) working to wear down the Hyksos pharaoh Se-woser-en-ra Khayan, so that he would eventually let the sons of Yisra’el go.

The sign in 8:23 denotes that only the Mitsriym will be affected by the gnats or lice, not the Hebrews and their livestock dwelling in Goshen. The pharaoh was told this specifically and it came to pass, at a time when the magicians in his court could not reproduce the plague, as they had done previously.

This was the first time that the pharaoh was made aware that he was being targeted and was part of the conversation represented by not only this one, but the previous plagues and future ones as well. And that rattled him. No one likes being told that they are subject to another’s game or pleasure.

A second example of a sign (ha-’owt) relates to the shadow of the sun going backwards ten steps on the stairway of Achaz in 2 Kings 20:8-11. Other than Y’sha-yahuw (Isaiah) and king Chiz’qiy-yahuw (Hezekiah), no other witness would have understood its significance. That was between these two men and Yahuw’ah alone. The king was destined to live for another fifteen years.

The third sign also involved Y’shayahuw going naked and barefoot for three years to indicate that Cargown (Sargon), king of Ashshuwr (Assyria), will conquer Kuwsh (Cush) and Mitsrayim. Here the people would be led away “naked and barefoot, their buttocks uncovered and naked” (Isaiah 20:2-4).

Twice Y’shayahuw was given a special sign. He is also the first to talk about a new earth under another sky with different constellation signs (Isaiah 65-66). Originally these two chapters were positioned before chapter 24.

If this man were to appear today walking around naked and barefoot, who would take him seriously? Men and women in white coats would certainly be interested in him. Yet the naked Lamb-Man El Elyown had no problem with him and Yeshuwa modelled His teachings around this strange prophet. Did He Himself teach in the nude? He was certainly nude on the cross. On the morning of His resurrection Mirya of Magdala also saw Him naked.

One of the benefits of having a personal relationship with Yeshuwa is the ability to agree on signs that only the believer can understand. They are true for him or her, but no one else. So it is wise to accept them in good faith.

Among the present writer’s signs for migrating to Eden, now Atar, are no sirens and flashing lights from fire engines during his visits to the Adelaide CBD. It is quite uncanny to experience this time after time for months on end, when before he used to see them screaming past without fail. On rare visits, though, they do present themselves when he needs correction.

Another private sign is the sight of police officers or vehicles. On each occasion it has meant that whatever he wanted to purchase or do would not be available. Yet this sign is only for him. So after all these years, Joseph Seiss has finally been able to help him understand this. He, by the way, is in Glory with his wife.

Ambulances are meant to keep him focused upon the task at hand, which can be challenging with the enormous amount of concentration involved. And he knows full well that his website material is controversial.

Evidently the Creator Eluhiym are extremely good at organising events at a local level. They know what is happening on the ground and can manipulate events to suit Their purposes, including the weather.

Yahuw’ah discovered that the painful shrieks in Genesis 18:20 and 19:13 were from anal penetration during sexual intercourse between consenting males. He always participates in the creation of human life and this came to his attention. So Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed to cleanse the land of these filthy energies.

Finally, whenever this writer gets cold feet, domestic peace flies out the window. This is the best sign of all. Harmony returns only when the proverbial train is put back on the rails. Keeping faith is the only option.

Observe what the prophet Yiremyahuw (Jeremiah) went through. None of his peers believed him, yet he often repeated Yahuw’ah’s words of doom and destruction for the people who stayed in Yeruwshalem and safety for those who surrendered to the Chaldeans.

Even his friends mocked him when nothing appeared to happen. He was also imprisoned for being such an ‘annoying little man’ and at times felt like a complete idiot (Jeremiah 20:7).

Eventually his words came true to the letter in 587/86 BCE. Yiremyahuw was vindicated. Migrating to Atar will happen too. It has been in its current orbit since September 3, 1947.

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