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First Announcement (Archived)

In years to come, the present writer understands, many thousands of inhabitants from Earth will migrate there, allowing the human population to continue after this planet is permanently shut down by an extinction level event. Some are expecting this to happen soon.

The FIMIOL web sites are dedicated to providing accurate news on Eden and the move there. Only those who meet certain criteria will be invited to come. Being in general agreement with their contents is one of them.

On Eden there is no money. All are equal under its very bright King. Everything needed for life is there, including housing. Each person, though, works for a living, acquiring merit points which can be used to buy food, clothing and other things. The hourly rate is the same for all, including mothers caring for children as well as volunteers.

In the Law and the Prophets examples are provided of private signs given to individuals for events about to happen and for which no logical connection can be made. Yet they came to pass as promised. For instances of this read the short article below titled Signs Of Coming Events.

The author of these web pages has been given certain private signs too, repeatedly indicating that he will take up residence on Eden in the near future. Hope has been replaced by intuitive knowledge. Having such confidence is a privilege, although it is often tested (Jeremiah 17:10).

On the timeframe for this the Creators are playing it safe, for They do not want the God Serpents sabotaging it. It has happened before. This can be frustrating, yet that is the way the cookie crumbles.

One is not taken over twenty times to such a well-attested planet in Scripture and told to get ready to move there if it is not going to happen. In a matter of several months [now many] physical evidence will be provided and these pages updated to become a ready reference.

There is sound wisdom in Yeshuwa’s strategy of better written now than later. For one person doing all the publishing it is preferable to deal with the complex issues first rather than after the event, when there will no time to do such research. Meanwhile training is ongoing.

In the meantime enjoy the latest insights. Please be patient till all the articles are finalised. This involves nearly [over] 300 pages just for this site. Not a few links may be broken and lead to empty 404 pages. The present writer apologises for this and will do his utmost to finish them as soon as possible. And remember, other than Internet and computer costs, this is all provided free of charge.

E-Books, of course, will have a price tag and they will be dedicated to covering many aspects of life on Eden, among other things.

07 October 2017

P.S. FIMIOL Photographics has not authorised the use of ‘fimiol’ in any Chinese domain name or as a Chinese search engine keyword.

Last update: Friday, April 20, 2018.

Signs Of Coming Events

For the following observations the present writer is indebted to Joseph A. Seiss, a genius of the nineteenth century. His book, The Gospel In The Stars, was first published in 1882. This author is here using the 1972 edition from Kregel Publications, Grand Rapids, Michigan, in particular pages 10-11.

Joseph Seiss defined a sign as “something arbitrarily selected and appointed to represent some other thing.” However, it bears no relation to the purpose for which it applies other than by agreement between the parties involved. As examples he speaks of letters of the alphabet, numerals and musical chords.

Biblically, in Exodus 7:3 El Elyown said, “And I will harden Pharaoh’s heart and I will multiply My signs and My wonders in the land of Mitsrayim (Egypt).”

Signs are part of a very private and individual conversation between a Creator and a chosen human being. No one else was present to witness Mosheh speaking with El Elyown in the Burning Bush.

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