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Introducing Yeshuwa As El Most High -  XI [11 of 13]

The listing in verse 28 is the same as that in 3:17. This angel even has the power to refuse forgiveness if disobeyed. Did not the Pharisaic scribes challenge Yeshuwa when He forgave the sins of the paralysed young man in Mark 2?

“Why does this man speak that way? He is blaspheming; who can forgive sins but Eluhiym alone” (Mark 2:7). Matthew 9:3 merely says “this man blasphemes.”

Are angels Eluhiym? Can they forgive as though Eluhiym? Not only does this angel have the power to withhold forgiveness, implying that he can forgive under other circumstances, but He also has the authority of Yahuw’ah to give orders. And he can speak! Does this sound familiar?

So far no FIMIOL of any angel has been discovered in the Exodus galleries. That angel was indeed El Elyown, the Lamb-Man with seven eyes and seven horns and a sword proceeding from His mouth. In other words, the Rider on the White Horse is Yeshuwa. Yet from the above text grew the tradition of the angel at Mount Ciynay who gave the law to Mosheh, among other things.

A word search of the very flawed Book of Jubilees results in no instances of the angel of Yahuw’ah. Rather there is the revealing “angel of the face who went before the tents of Israel” (I,24) and dictated to Mosheh what to write, similar to those angels who reveal great truths to various ‘prophets’ throughout history, all of which are false.

The “angel of the face” in Jubilees was one of many angels created on the first day of creation, even though angels had already been around for a long time.

Chap. II. 1. And the angel of the face spoke to Moses by the command of the Lord, saying : " Write all the words of creation, how in six days the Lord God finished all the works which he created, and rested on the seventh day and sanctified it for all the years and established it as a sign for all his works." For on the first day he created the heavens above and the earth and the waters and all the spirits that serve before him, and the angels of the face and the angels that cry "holy," and the angels of the spirit of fire, and the angels of the spirit of wind ...”

This phenomenon of instructing angels seems to have originated during the inter-testamental period and always sought to establish monotheism. None were ever sent by Yahuw’ah or Yeshuwa  And then those sent by Them generally played minor roles, like the visits to Miryam and Zekaryah by Gabriy’el in Luke, chapter one, the two men in white at the empty tomb and the ‘departure’ from Mount Tabor.

It was the Lamb who instructed Yowchanan to write whatever he saw, namely, the things that are and will take place (Revelation 1:19), not an angel, as the second part of 1:1 says, “and He sent and communicated it by His angel to His bond-servant Yowchanan.” Here it is difficult to nail down what role this angel actually played. Perhaps he was just there for company.

One who has been visiting the real Heaven for at least forty years has no need for an angel to tell him what to write when the Lord later tells him to do the same thing. Yowchanan was probably used to keeping a written record of his visits there anyway, just like he did as the beloved student/disciple of the Lord, which he then used as a source for his Gospel in 31 CE. Shimon the Rock did the same, as did Mattithyahuw.

It was the same Lamb-Man in concert with Yahuw’ah who instructed Mosheh to write down whatever He heard and saw (Exodus 17:14, 24:4,7 and John 5:46). Mosheh wrote extensively of Yeshuwa as Elyown and the Angel of El/Yahuw’ah. Yeshuwa knew these facts all too well, for He was there.

He is also Yahuw’ah’s appointed Destroyer in Exodus 12:23,29. Earlier in Genesis 19 He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, yet in 22:11-13 He supplied Abraham with the ram for sacrifice instead of Yitschaq. There He speaks as well. So He is not so dumb after all, for He is the Rider on the White Horse.

The miracle working Yeshuwa also called Himself I AM in several places in John’s Gospel and claimed to be contemporary with Abraham, He was evidently present there too. The common Greek has εγώ είμι, yet when spoken in Hebrew it makes more sense to say “before Abraham was born I was making happen” or “I was the catalyst.” The Hebrew imperfect tense covers any incomplete action, past, present and future.

It is the same with John 11:25, where Yeshuwa said to Miryam, ‘I make happen the resurrection and the life; he who believes in Me shall live, even if he dies.”

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