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The Burning Bush Saga

At the start of Exodus 3 Mosheh has led the flock of his father-in-law Yethro to the northwest side of Choreb, to which Mount Ciynay belongs in the south. There Elyown as the Angel of El Shadday “appeared to him in a blazing fire from the midst of a thorny bush,” in Hebrew called seneh (3:2).

This marvellous sight caught Mosheh’s attention, “because the thorny bush was burning with fire, yet the bush was not consumed.”

When Elyown saw that he was distracted by it, He “called to him from the midst of the thorny bush and said, ”Mosheh, Mosheh!” (3:4). The elderly shepherd evidently heard His Voice.

“Do not come near here,” he was told. “Remove your sandals from your feet (as is done when baptising in a river - Matthew 3:11), for the place on which you are standing is holy ground” (3:5).

It soon becomes obvious that the energies in the current Hebrew text do not flow. First, the Angel appears in the midst of a blazing fire which does not consume a thorny bush, perhaps a blackberry, and apparently says nothing. Second, Yahuw’ah sees that He turns aside to look at the marvellous spectacle, yet remains invisible. Third, Eluhiym talks to Mosheh. Confused?

Furthermore this Angel is standing in the blazing fire in the middle of the thorny bush precisely where Eluhiym calls to him from the same location in the bush. He is clearly Eluhiymic. The two are synonymous. Yahuw’ah’s name has been added where it should not be, like in Genesis 14:22.

Who is speaking in 4:14 when the anger of the Angel of El Shadday “flared up/glowed against Mosheh”? Was it Yahuw’ah and this is another instance of a certain conspicuously silent Angel, or did He actually speak to him?

“He said, is there not your brother Aharon the Levite? I know that he speaks fluently. And moreover, behold, he is coming to meet you. When he sees you, he will be glad in his heart.”

The corrupting scribe should have written “Eluhiym said”, like he did in 3:4, for this is the same Voice which has been speaking to him all along. Inquiring about this during one of the present writer’s weekly interviews, Yeshuwa revealed that it was He Himself who spoke. And what a revelation that was!

"I called to Mosheh, Wayne. I said, 'Mosheh, Mosheh'. I said that 'I am the El of your father." "So Amram and Yochebed worshipped You too?" "Yes, Wayne. Others did too. I am also the El of Abraham, Yitschaq and Ya'aqob."

Nonetheless if this Angel of Yahuw’ah cannot speak, then surely He must be dumb. In Judges 13:3-22, however, this same Angel interacts verbally with Manoach and his wife, the parents of Samson. In verse 8 Manoach entreats Yahuw’ah to send the “man of Eluhiym” who resembled “the angel of Eluhiym.”

Observe that it is the Angel. Obviously He was well known as both the Angel of Eluhiym and Angel of Yahuw’ah. In verse 14  and again in verses 15-18 it is the Angel of Yahuw’ah - and here He can speak and be heard.

Yahuw’ah gets another mention in verse 19, yet it is Pele’ aka Elyown who performed wonders while they were watching on. After the sacrificial fire is lit upon a rock and the flame rises up, this Angel of Yahuw’ah ascends to Heaven and appears no more to them.

Having specifically recognised Him, Manoach said to his wife, “We shall surely die, for we have seen Eluhiym.” Did they see Yahuw’ah? Of course not. They merely prayed to Him, since they believed in Him as well.

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The Extraordinary Ones existed long before the creation of Adam and Chav-vah. Their specific task is to set up infrastructure and housing for towns and communities on planets within various solar systems. Somewhat tall by nature, both males and females look like regular human beings, as this FIMIOL depicts. They are man’s nearest living relatives with one-hundred per-cent compatible DNA.




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