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Chronological Dates Of Composition In The NT Canon -  I

For one who left Christianity in 2009 after it became evident that the apostle Paul, Luke, Silvanus and Apol’los, along with Timothy, Barnabas and Nicolas of Antioch, were involved with an adapted version of Mahayana Buddhism, to then date their epistles and texts seems a little hypocritical.

However, it is not that simple. While “read with great care” warnings should be placed with each of their texts, they were included in the canon because other texts featured attack the Pauline school and vice versa.

For example, First John attacks the teachings of Yeshuwa in the Fourth Gospel. Everything about that epistle is Pauline and Buddhist. It was written by Apol’los of Alexandria after his mentor the sholech Yohannan rebuked him upon his release from the Isle of Patmos in 72 CE.

Perfect love does not cast out fear. Unless there is fear and even dread of Yahuw’ah and obedience to His word, love cannot flow from Him. That is the message of the Law and the Prophets, one which Paul absolutely rejected. So who is his heavenly Father or THEOS/God anyway, since he bears no resemblance to Yahuw’ah? Unconditional love only create chaos.

Second Peter, a genuine epistle, dismisses the false messages in First Peter and Jude. Like First John these are pseudepigraphic. Second Thessalonians attacks Yeshuwa as the man of lawlessness, while First Peter calls Him the devil going around like a roaring lion seeking people to devour. Yeshuwa is the Lion of Yehuwdah (Judah) referred to in Revelation 5:5.

Not much in the New Testament canon reflects Yeshuwa’s teachings. In Second Corinthians the Twelve Sholechiym (”sent ones”) are attacked, just as Cephas is in Galatians. Romans is completely anti-Yeshuwa. Colossians is anti-Yohannine while the Book of Revelation is anti-Christian.

Luke and Acts confidently promote a Jesus or modified Yeshuwa along with Paul who, as the faithful Buddhist Bodhisattva, is released from captivity in Rome, only to head east again on a fourth missionary journey and then west to Spain (1 Clement v.5-7) after being released during Nero’s persecution.

Without all these both the historical context and time of writing for each book or letter would remain unknown. Dated in chronological order enables one to see how they interact with each other.

Besides, for most of the present writer’s life he was a fervent disciple of Paul and tried to understand him as one does a close friend. Yet when so many differences began to emerge between what he and those loyal to Yeshuwa taught, especially Mattith-yahuw and Yohannan (Matthew and John) then an alienation process began.

We are now reconciled. Sha’uwl of Tarsus is in heavenly glory only because he renounced his Christianity six months before he died on July 14, 66 CE. Most likely through Luke OM prevented his letter from reaching his churches.

From an academic perspective, demonstrating the accuracy of these dates requires a fairly good working knowledge of how the Twenty-Four Thrones of Revelation 4:4 influence language and behaviour, along with prime numbers and binary clusters. Even the sun and moon passing through the zodiac play a role at times.

The present writer presents this chronology as an alternative to the oral tradition-bound, late dating of the source, form and redaction critical schools, which he rejects out of hand as both fanciful and without historical credibility.

Many of those involved with writing its texts received their literacy skills as members of the Qumran scrolls community based in the Galilee, against Acts 4:13. There Hebrew was both spoken and written. Rather pointedly, at the cross Yeshuwa’s title was first written in Hebrew.

Consequently, to have kept and retained a written record of Yeshuwa’s teachings and the events in His life and ministry is entirely feasible.

When the concealed texts, referred to in The Narrator And The Logos e-Book and taken to the new Earth in 65 CE are revealed, this will be very amply demonstrated, according to the word of Yeshuwa. Y’shayahuw also took his library with him and so did Chanowk (Enoch).

Reputable scholars will be invited to assist with unravelling, photographing, translating and publishing them.

In the following list Trueday-numbered days reflect the seven-day weekly cycle from the Genesis 1:3-2:3 creation narrative as well as Exodus 16. Jc refers to Julian calendar. CE is employed instead of A.D.


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