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Chronological Dates Of Composition In The NT Canon -  II

Not in the canon, but the Thanksgiving Hymns Scroll (1QS:13) is the oldest known text related to the conversion of Ya’aqob (James) and dated to Friday, May 19, 30 Jc during ‘9/10’ (Trueday:- Fourth Day), the very same day Yeshuwa ascended into Heaven from Mount Tabor in an IRV.

Compiling the Gospel according to Matthew (Mattith-yahuw) in Hebrew began on Wednesday, August 16, 30 Jc during ‘22/23’ (Trueday:- Second Day). After completion it underwent censorship by Caiaphas and the chief priests to make it more acceptable in Yeruwshalem.

Yohannan began writing the Fourth Gospel in Hebrew on Tuesday, September 18, 31 Jc during '6/7' (Trueday:- First Day) and the persecution by Sha’uwl of Tarsus. He wanted to preserve his written recollections from the ravages of that man. No wonder he never trusted the false apostle.

Yeshuwa appears to Sha’uwl of Tarsus outside Damascus on Monday, August 18, 32 Jc during '6/7' (Trueday:- Seventh Day).

Ya’aqob the Lord’s Brother James starts writing his Epistle of James on Friday, March 5, 34 Jc during ‘15/16’ (Trueday:- Fourth Day). His definition of sin is pre-Pauline and echoes soul viruses.

The apostle Paul has a near death experience (NDE) on Saturday, October 26, 43 Jc during ‘14/15’ (Trueday:- Fifth Day) outside Lystra, according to Acts 14:19-20.

He began dictating his Epistle to the Galatians on Thursday, November 3, 46 Jc during '4/5' (Trueday:- Third Day). Many of his letters are dictated for others to pen (2 Thessalonians 3:17). He wrote Galatians himself (6:11).

Composition of the Didache (Teaching of the Twelve Apostles) was commenced in September of 47 CE during the severe drought which hit Palestine in 46 and lasted for at least three years. It was written by a faction of the church in Yeruwshalem under Ya’aqob, younger brother of Yeshuwa and a former Overseer of the Camps of the Many and still its Teacher of Righteousness. The apostle Paul adopted many of its tenets.

The Apostolic Council in Acts 15 started on Wednesday, November 15, 47 Jc during '10/11'. (Trueday:- Second Day).

Paul’s First Epistle to the Thessalonians was commenced on Sunday, March 18, 53 Jc during '24/1' (Trueday:- Sixth Day).

His Second Epistle to the Thessalonians was begun on Sunday, November 4, 53 Jc during '9/10' (Trueday:- Sixth Day).

Paul’s Epistle to the Romans was started on Monday, August 18, 55 Jc during '6/7' (Trueday:- Seventh Day).

He began writing First Corinthians on Thursday morning, July 22, 56 Jc during '7/8’ (Trueday:- Third Day).

Second Corinthians was commenced on Saturday morning, June 4, 57 Jc during '4/5' (Trueday:- Fifth Day).

He wrote his First Epistle to Timothy on Wednesday-Thursday, May 10-11, 58 Jc during '5/6'  (Truedays:- Second-Third Days) .

The Gospel according to John Mark was commenced in Rome on Friday, October 5, 59 Jc during '6/7' (Trueday:- Fourth Day). It used the Greek translation of Matthew as one of its primary sources. The other text was Proto-Mark, which Luke also shared. Its full contents are preserved in the secret cave on Eden. Mark reduced Matthew’s content to make his gospel less offensive to the Romans.

The Epistle of Paul to the Ephesians was begun late in the day on Friday, June 13, 60 Jc during '18/19' (Trueday:- Fourth Day), while imprisoned in Caesarea before undertaking the perilous trip by sea to Rome.

The Epistle of Paul to the Colossians was commenced on Friday, July 18, 60  Jc during '23/24' (Trueday:- Fourth Day).

Writing of the Epistle of Paul to the Philippians began two days later on Sunday, July 20, 60 Jc during '23/24' also (Trueday:- Sixth Day).

The Epistle of Paul to Philemon was written on Monday, July 28th, 60 Jc during '24/1' (Trueday:- Seventh Day).

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