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Chronological Dates Of Composition In The NT Canon -  III

The Epistle to the Hebrews was dictated by Paul to Theodorus starting on Thursday, March 11, 62 Jc during '13/14' (Trueday:- Third Day).

Luke commenced writing canonical Luke on Monday, December 27th, 62 Jc during '6/7' (Trueday:- Seventh Day).

Luke started writing the Book of Acts on Tuesday, January 18, 63 Jc during '9/10' (Trueday:- First Day).

Ya'aqob (James), Yeshuwa’s brother, suffered martyrdom on Wednesday, September 14, 63 Jc during '20/21' (Trueday:- Second Day).

Paul began writing his Epistle to Titus on Sunday, November 12, 63 Jc during '4/5' (Trueday:- Sixth Day) during his fourth missionary journey.

He started writing his Second Epistle to Timothy on Thursday morning, January 5, 64 Jc during '12/13' (Trueday: Third Day) after his fourth missionary journey.

Silvanus commenced writing First Peter for Paul on Saturday morning, February 4, 64 Jc during '16/17’ (Trueday:- Fifth Day). It belongs to the Pseudepigrapha, since it was never authorised by the ‘apostle Peter’, just falsely ascribed to him.

Second Peter was dictated by the Sholech Shimon Kephar (Simon Peter) to an unknown disciple starting on Sunday morning, July 8, 64 Jc during '14/15' (Trueday:- Sixth Day), totally rejecting the false message disseminated in his name by Silvanus in First Peter. His reference to the new Earth is important.

The false Epistle of Jude was begun on Monday, 12th November, 64 Jc during '8/9' (Trueday:- Seventh Day). It also belongs to the Pseudepigrapha, having been written to counter Second Peter. It cites the Book of Enoch, whose real name was Chanowk.

Shimon Kephar was crucified upside down on Sunday, September 23, 64 Jc (John 21:18-19).

The apostle Paul was put to death late on July 14, 66 Jc in Rome six months after renouncing his Mahayana Buddhist-based Christian faith.

Yohannan’s Apocalypse or Book of Revelation was commenced on Sunday, August 19, 70 Jc during '21/22'.

Apol’los of Alexandria started writing First John on Friday, March 20th, 72 Jc during '8/9' (Trueday:- Fourth Day) in order to upset his mentor Yohannan.

The Sholech Mattithyah (Matthew) died in Spain in controversial circumstances on Monday, March 7, 74 Jc during ‘14/15’ (Trueday:- Seventh Day).

The Sholech Yohannan was killed by the sword on Monday afternoon, March 11, 76 Jc (Trueday:- Seventh Day) at the baker’s house in Pergamum.

Third John commenced on Wednesday, August 21, 110 Jc during '21/22' (Trueday:- Second Day). It contains nothing salutary.

Second John began on Saturday, May 5th, 126 Jc during '24/1' (Trueday:- Fifth Day). It, too, was poorly chosen for the canon.


These dates of composition and historical events were acquired over many years by working directly with Yeshuwa. Did He not teach in Matthew 7:

“7. Ask and it will be given to you. Seek and you will find. Knock and it shall be opened to you.

8. For every one asking receives and the one seeking finds and to the knocking it will be opened”?

When the extensive range of spiritual energy tools tests these dates, as they already have done, they will be found to be accurate and informative. However, at the present time public use is years away.

The Situation Today

The Bible as a crime scene is a very disturbing concept, yet its reality has to be confronted and dealt with.

Of course, none of this would be known had it not been for the sincere scholarship applied over the centuries by countless learned men and women to preserve and maintain original texts.

To whatever religion or faith they belonged, they nonetheless believed in the integrity of Scripture, as flawed as they are. These all participated in worship in churches and synagogues across the northern hemisphere, where most of the work was done.

The present writer grew up believing that the Bible is the inerrant Word of God, true in every respect and without contradiction. How things now have changed for him. He never envisaged that one day he would be declaring the Holy Bible a crime scene.

Places of worship still have a role to play. People attend because in their heart of hearts they want to spend eternity with the Lord. Yet most by far are missing out. To be fair to them an explanation is required.

Heaven is serious about wanting several hundred million more souls to join the forty million already up there (Isaiah 24:13-16). Against incredible odds it is pulling out all stops to make this happen. Migration to the new Earth under a different sky (2 Peter 3:13) will create a lot of interest in Yeshuwa’s signs gospel.

Some meeting places, though, will still remain important on Earth for individuals to be taught how to access these wonderful places.

Here, as on Eden, three important sacred rites will still be observed, namely, Holy Baptism by pouring water on the forehead (not immersion), the Body and Blood Covenant Meal and, of course, the Cleaving and Oneflesh ceremonies to replace man-made marriage with its false basis of love. More will be written about this later.

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How is it that historically Yahuw’ah views the nations as a drop in a bucket and the powdery film on scales, treating them as nothing before Him, their lives less than nothing and emptiness (Isaiah 40:15,17)?

When Eluhiym loved the world, it was the planet Earth Yeshuwa created, not its inhabitants (John 3:16). Only the few find life (Matthew 7:13-14).

Universal salvation was never taught by Him or the Twelve. Yet it is a tenet of Mahayana Buddhism.

Is it not time to give Christ and God the flick and place oneself under Yahuw’ah, if one wants eternal life.

Whatever God has on offer is a nightmare.