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Working With Yeshuwa and Yahuw’ah -  III

What a poor excuse for not investing his master’s talent. He had problems with working, for this is what workers do. They reap the harvest on the cultivated soil where their employer told them to sow, and then gather his flocks after they spread out to graze. The farmer provides the seed, flocks and fields, using his employees to produce a return and make a profit.

As a primary producer he is entitled to make a profit, so he can grow more meat, wool and grain. Yet this servant would have none of it. Obviously he was an unwilling slave and wanted out. Perhaps his master was too much an emotional burden for him.

Little wonder he called him “a wicked and slothful servant” (25:26), and later a “worthless servant” (25:30). The only harsh or tough aspect to his personality is that he has high standards and little empathy towards those who are too afraid to work with him. In other words, they have no faith.

Yet this is how people who co-operate with Yeshuwa may feel at times, as though they are not good enough. Nonetheless working for Him is an amazing privilege and totally awesome. While He is so helpful, He does expect one to work things out for oneself, that is, to see and join the dots.

Yet … there is one aspect which makes it difficult. This is due solely to the nature of man, who can be so cruel towards those who, in his eyes, seem to be dreamers, even though they are working hard in another reality which he then calls ‘pie in the sky’. One may also judge oneself too harshly.

The Struggle Of Faith

Towards the end of their winter stay at Ephra’iym (pron. eff-rah-eem) the Twelve were beside themselves. They had gone into hiding there as a result of Caiaphas’s threat to kill their Master.

Everyone was on edge, questioning why they had left their homes and families, the value of marriage, telling parents with young children to leave Him alone, then jumping to conclusions over the eye of the needle saying.

The latter was, in fact, quite innocuous. Rich people are no different to any other person trying to enter the Kingdom of the Heavens, that is, the Throne Room, or the wider Kingdom of Eluhiym, since only the Few find life. Abraham was a rich man. So was Yowceph of Arimathea. Training is required by people who understand the Narrow Way.

It got worse when they arrived in Yeruwshalem. Yehuwdah (Judas) thought he could make some money out of Yeshuwa’s ability to manipulate the Seventh Dimension and betrayed Him to the chief priests and rulers of the people, believing that He would do His disappearing act. Shimon Kephar took up the sword, then later denied Yeshuwa three times.

Totally oblivious to what was about to happen everyone fell asleep in the Garden of Gethsemane. All His students but one or two went into hiding for fear of the Yehuwdiym.

It is the not-knowing-what-lies-ahead and the fear-of-being-ridiculed - and here some can be really cruel with their mocking and sarcasm - which cause an individual to get cold feet. There is real danger here.

For example, Yohannan the Dipper got cold feet and went off on his own. He wanted to see the enemies of Yahuw’ah destroyed by Yeshuwa, like Eliyahuw did to the two captains and companies of fifty soldiers in 2 King 1:9-12. However, in so doing he was excluded from Heaven forever.

Observe the references to Ba’alzebub the “god of Ekron” in verses 2,3,5 and 16 (God) of 2 Kings 1 and “the angel of Yahuw’ah” in verse 15 (Yeshuwa). Was history repeating itself? All of the Passover agony occurred during the Nativity month of Ba’alzebub. He just does not want Yeshuwa’s projects to succeed.

Yet they do. Yahuw’ah and Yeshuwa always deliver on Their promises, but in Their own time and without a shadow of a doubt, for They see the big picture.

With Yahuw’ah’s providing hand, for El Shadday means Mighty or Strong Sufficient Provider, the present writer has always had three meals a day, clothes and shoes to wear with a roof over his head. He might not wear the latest fashions. Many of his clothes last for years. Yet everything he needs and more have been provided by his Heavenly Father, and all while living below the poverty line (Matthew 6:31-34).

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