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Working With Yeshuwa and Yahuw’ah -  IV

Not having much money to spend has been good training, too, for living on Eden where there is no money. Rich people will probably find it difficult letting go their wealth. Yet religious people will face a similar challenge abandoning the beliefs they were taught as true, yet are worthless there.

Certainly for those involved with Him it may appear to take forever, like climbing an endless hill with no summit. And there are times when it is wise to lay low, especially before the great surprise.

Like eleven of the Twelve, those who endure to the end eventually do reap the very reward Yeshuwa and Yahuw’ah have in mind for them. Standing on Eden’s firm ground again will be an incredible experience.

What has not been revealed till now is that when Yeshuwa promised the present writer a home on Eden after giving him twenty opportunities to see it for himself, He made a deal or covenant with him. For his part he was required to complete the articles which appear on this web site.

During the final essay He promised to take him physically to Eden and back, so that material evidence such as photographs could be offered as proof and published here as well.

Like A Thief In The Night

To avoid detection an IRV will arrive in the usual surprise fashion, like when the postman delivers a parcel and someone else has to sign for it. With new insights still coming in, the present writer cannot even guess when that final article will be written. Invariably it will be later rather than sooner.

Another analogy which most well-educated people understand is graduation never takes place until one has completed all assignments and passed the necessary examinations. The Twelve had to wait until Pentecost morning on June 4, 30 CE, to receive their graduation awards.

No Second-Guessing (new content)

What follows here is written in the first person to provide a more personal touch.

Those who have downloaded and viewed the Plan Of Sterling PDF might be thinking, “why not go there now and take a few photographs, if it is all that easy?” A good question. These are my sentiments too. However, the Creator Eluhiym think differently to human beings, according to Isaiah 55:8-9.

One cannot second-guess Them, like the apostle Paul tried and got it totally wrong. When one deals with the real Creators, then nothing that man wrote provides any enlightenment whatsover. He was an ignoramus par excellence.

People talk about being logical. At universities they (used to) have courses in logical thinking. Yet what is wrong with their rules and system of logic that in their 'wisdom' they cannot second-guess Eluhiym, either Serpents or Creators?

Under the restrictions of the empirical soul virus they must 'logically' deny These even exist. How very clever of them and how little they know!

This article is being retained here since it provides background information into the way the Creators work. Digital photographs taken on Eden can then be compared with the drawings. Here the reader may consider them as concept drawings, to provide some insight into what exists there.

One thing is certain. Going to Eden will be a culture shock for everyone who migrates from Earth. Yet most of the insights are already in the Scriptures, just not seen nor understood (Isaiah 6:10, Matthew 13:14-15).

“Study Heaven's Transport System”

Four years ago in 2013-14 I was encouraged by Yeshuwa during our weekly sessions to study Heaven's transport system. When I failed to take much interest in it, being pre-occupied with the FIMIOLs, Yeshuwa made it more hands-on. He presented His own IRV during one of our interviews, told me to go outside the Temple and "get in".

Next He drove me down to Resurrection Lake and back up to the Temple. Relocation was instanteous. On the next occasion a week later He took me to Mars and the Moon and did this twice, encouraging me to visit the workshop of a local manufacturer in Heaven. This I would do a few times and there see the planetary transporter and other large vehicles.

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